Wealthy Affiliate Breakdown

Free Affiliate Marketing Website Templates

Free Affiliate Marketing Website Templates

So you want to get into Affiliate Marketing?  If your new to this type of thing, like I was, it can be a daunting idea that you have to have a website.  Heck I am not even sure what HTML is, how am I going to pull this off?  Relax you can, and you can even have a free affiliate marketing website template.

I have been doing this thing now for almost a year and truth is you will never no it all there is no master plan and anyone that is trying to sell you that BEWARE.

I paid for several of the “systems” and they did not work for me, I have an honesty issue, and I can not sell anything I do not believe in both in being a good product and a fair price.  I did find Wealthy Affiliate After researching a system with a mastermind group that was a big buy in and they saved me thousands.  There is no need to spend any money to get started.  There are so many ins and outs of affiliate marketing and things are changing all the time, a “system” usually by the time you are getting it, it is going to be out of date and might even be a scam, there are several out there.  Wealthy Affiliate will be the only resource you will need on your journey into this crazy wild web.

Wealthy Affiliate co-founder Kyle talking about Celebrating WA’s 10 year a Anniversary.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you the ability to have 2 free websites that you can design from hundreds of templates available and host through through there system for Free.

You also will have access to WA’s website and affiliate boot camp course.  Understand that Affiliate Marketing is work, there is no get rich quick “system” that is on auto pilot, you will have to be constantly evaluating offers and figure out ways to promote them.

As well as learning, you are starting a new career and there is a learning curve just like any J O B.  find something you are passionate about and it won’t seem like work.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free today and you will have access to some of the video walk through courses and access to the Affiliate Bootcamp training and live online chat help available from Affiliate marketers all over the world for 7 days.  You can have your Free Affiliate Marketing Websites, 2 of them in fact, as long as you like, and you will have access to hundreds of templates.  Here is what you get.

Wealthy Affiliate Breakdown
Stater vs Premium

So if you are new or old to Affiliate Marketing and have found something you are passionate about promoting Wealthy Affiliate will be an invaluable resource.

The live support/chat area is a resource that is so helpful when I am running into problems I don’t know how to solve.  Funny thing is they are usually pointing me to a past training video or post.  Keep up the effort and it will pay off.