Create Free Website

You can learn for free how websites rank, profit and grow.
You can learn for free how websites rank, profit and grow.

Create Free Website

These days if you do not have a website people don’t take you seriously.  It is a branding thing, an image, and it is where most commerce is taking place.  There are plenty of things that go into a successful online presence but that is another page all together.

How do I create a website for free?

You can create a free website, actually you can create 2 truly free websites with Wealthy Affiliate, they will be in this form of address Wealthy Affiliate offers you the ability to design your own website for free through Word Press, which is the most widely used template for website design.  And Wealthy Affiliate will also give you access to live online chat help for 7 days all for free.  You can keep your 2 sites as long as you like, with free hosting.  It is a great way to jump into designing a website for free.  Go ahead and make your own website free.

To have a websites you will have to spend money, there is  no way around it.  Lets talk about the costs to have your own address. First thing is you will have to buy or actually rent/register your if it is available.  There are several companies that you can do this through, I recommend I have had the best success with them, and they are generally at least $1 less than, they are quicker to make changes when needed as well.  There is no need to buy all the add-on offers, be sure you auto renew though to keep from loosing at the end of your year of registration.

Do not use them for hosting or design though!

They are not the best value out there.  From what I have found Wealthy Affiliate is the best resource out there for do it yourself people.  You will be able to create and host as many sites and also 3 .com sites as a premium member.  If you are thinking about doing Affiliate Marketing there is no better tool, the constant on going training and live chat help from people that are doing online stuff all over the world will win you over and educate you on how to rank and get traffic.  The best make your own website for free deal out there.  I have learned to create my own website and so much more, and you can learn how to create on their free online website builder.

There is truly nothing in life for free but the air we breath, as with anything else it will cost you time.  So you don’t have the time to expend to learn this internet thing?  Just know that you will overpay if you hire someone to “design” your website.  One of the reasons I started this site was because I had a new friend JD learn I had a website JaxRiverLife my first site and, he told me that he was working on a website and the idea for it.  After discussing with him some more I found out that he hired someone to make his landing page, interested I asked how much did you pay?  He told me $1000, and low and be hold it was a Word Press site.  You can create your site for free before you even buy a domain with Wealthy Affiliate.  If you own a business with employees it is best to have a person on staff to that can manage your site.  If you do have that person they will also find a great resource for ways to gain traffic.

If you have a website already and are looking for dedicated hosting and being able to handle any amount of traffic or you are experienced in website design and need a company that can help you grow more I would recommend 1&1

they seem to be the ones that can really ramp up to any size that you could need.

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