About Me

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Let’s see what to know about me. I have been a restaurateur with over 25 years in the business.

About Me

Let’s see what to know about me.  I have been a restaurateur with over 25 years in the business.  I really enjoyed my restaurant career from my summer job in high school cooking for Shoney’s Breakfast Bar , to catering backstage at the Orlando Arena and working at Hard Rock Café at Universal Studios. I’ve worked every position in a restaurant from dish washer to Operating Partner to Owner/Operator of my very own lovely little neighborhood bistro. Though I’m proud I was able to build a business of my own, my bistro was paying the bills but not really paying me, so I was working long hours for no return and little time for my two young sons and my wife.  Of course I still enjoy catering a house party now and again, difference is now its hanging with friends and more like fun.

     For the last couple years, I worked at a country club as the “Bar Manager”, though I was treated by everyone like the General Manager, since there was not one of those, and most the members remembered my Bistro. I was the one everyone, staff and members alike complained to, “Why is this or that not getting fixed?  Why don’t we get this or that?”  And truly, the best thing the owner ever did for me was fire me.   Truth is I could no longer repeat his assurances that its all going to get better, and he knew it, was the same thing year after year. I dreamed of having a food truck, had it planned out and was close to diving in, and then realized I would have been just buying myself another job.

My boys are now 9 & 11, and I knew if I wanted to be around for them, I needed a career change. I did a good 4 months of research, and worked on a couple trial-and-error “make money from home” adventures until I found Wealthy Affiliate the only real source you will need for how you make money online.

Living the Dream,

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