Easy Online Hosting

 There are no shorts to doing the work.. well here is one…

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Learn the ins and outs of Easy Online Hosting and Design of websites

Easy Online Hosting

Easy online hosting is available.  If you are new to the world of hosting or designing a website as I was, it could seem like a daunting task.

Good news it doesn’t have to be, I speak from experience, over a year ago I had no Idea what HTML or SEO or Hosting even was.  I for months was searching ways to make money online.  The problem being I kept running into systems of selling the system.

If you need a inexpensive system that outlines it all I do recommend!

I was about to invest $2000 into one of these, I mean I had signed paperwork and faxed it, which should always be a bit of a red flag when you have to sign a contract about a “system.”  Really the contract is so you can not get your money back when you find out it is a Scam.

Doing good do diligence I found a article about the Empower Network from a gentleman by the name of Kyle talking about the pros and cons of the program.  After reading I understood I was duped, I was able to get out of my deal with the “Mastermind” group thank goodness.  But they did get me for $120 for basically rah rah videos of how great they were and how their system worked.

Are you tired of searching the internet for real money making opportunities, and only finding Schemes and Scams?  I certainly was until I found Wealthy Affiliate and you can join for FREE!

Easy Online Hosting

If you are not passionate about what you are doing, if you are not going to learn, write and, research no matter how much you spend it will not work.

I recently had an acquaintance that when he learned I had a website Jacksonville River Life he told me that he was working on his idea and that he had hired someone to make his landing page.  I asked him how much did he pay?  He told me $1000 I was flabbergasted, I told him you got taken, then I learned it was a Word Press site and I knew he did!

I now have 5 sites if your in the US you have to check this out www.easyfreephone.com

If your a novice as I was and really still am but learning more every day.  You need to be involved with a Mastermind Group that is going to help you to understand what longtime online success is.

It is not buying a system that explains how to sell the system. 

It is finding your passion, and how you want to express yourself through this crazy online world.

I still am doing that right here.  If you are not in charge of organizing and operating your site you could lose it all.  And possibly spend thousands of dollars before you see any sale or profit.

So do you want a source for Online Training, Hosting, Website Design and live help chat with a fabulous online community from across the Globe then Wealthy Affiliate is for you!

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  1. Hello how are you doing today? my name is Monica. I am hearing impaired. I would like to know if you can do Web Design for my new company? Are you Owner? Also what major type of credit card do you accept for payment?

    1. Hi Monica I am working on my own stuff right now and figuring out how to do this stuff for myself, I really do not have time to work on other peoples sites. You can always go to Wealthy Affiliate and join to figure this stuff out on your own like me. If you are interested in someone else doing stuff for you you can go to www.1and1.com“>1&1 for any and all services, from design to hosting. I wish you luck on your online journey.

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